Finally….. I am back !

I have been contemplating for a couple of weeks if I should write this or if I should just start sharing sneaks again like nothing has been going on…I know this blog title may seem odd considering I was never officially gone but I have been absent from my FB page and actually from life in general for a while now … you see I have been sick for the last 4 months.

What I have…my sickness…no one can catch (not contagious) and I am still shooting 2-3 sessions a week at most and if I had a session with you during the last four months you would never know anything is wrong. When I am going through one of these several-month-long “episodes” I am so very sick that I fight and struggle daily just to get by, the fear and anxiety take over and I start to think it’ll never end or it’ll just get worse… if I am being completely honest what I am going through is scary …what I feel… what I see/how things appear…the motion… the loss of balance…the inability to do simple every day tasks…. I don’t sleep, I don’t eat, I don’t move much at all and I cry A LOT…. it’s debilitating. No, what I have won’t end my life but it definitely robs me of any and all quality of life. I have decided at this time that I don’t want to state my diagnosis, I don’t want to get messages/comments/emails from other people that have this or something like this (or that they know someone with this) and what they have gone through…I am sorry if that sounds selfish but I don’t want to hear anyone else’s “horror” stories, I just can’t handle that at this time…I have to be calm and positive to continue to get through this episode.

I have been through this before (the first time being in 2010, and a second time in 2013 so it does go away  (eventually)) this time I finally have a diagnosis and treatment plan (meds/diet and physical therapy) to help me through it (and possibly to stop it from happening again).  I have had several clients/fans message me just to check in and see if I am still working and to ask what’s going on because I have been so quiet on my page and I can’t tell you how wonderful it is that you care enough to reach out and check up on me so I thank you for that and all the well wishes I have received.

Life sometimes throws you a curve ball and I like to think that my situation is a way of telling me that I need to slow down and enjoy my life/family/friends more than I have been, that I have been overworking and putting my own family (my life) on the back burner…so with that being said, even though I am feeling better and better every day, my plan with my photography is to focus more of my availability in my schedule to newborn sessions (as those are the sessions that my heart & soul thrive on) and less to milestone sessions and families (that means I will not only be limiting how many family sessions I offer but I will also be limiting the amount of Watch Me Grow pkgs I allow to be purchased per year). I do have lots of specialist appts and physical therapy appts at this time so even though I will be opening up my schedule to allow more newborn sessions per month those medical appts of mine will limit my availability so I will only be opening up a couple spots per month and cutting way back on all other sessions.

To celebrate the fact that I am finally feeling better and the changes coming to my business I am going to be having an “all better” sale (that you won’t want to miss) starting Thursday March 2nd at 9:30am and the sale will end on Sunday March 12th at midnight…please visit my store site to purchase  ( ) and remember that the number of non-newborn sessions/watch me grow pkgs available to purchase will be a very LOW number so purchase early if you want to come see me sometime this year (this is likely to be my only sale for sessions this year since I will probably book up/sell out during this one). Side note my store site will be in maintenance mode till the sale starts.

I will be writing another blog post for the sale (to be posted Wednesday evening) that will include more details about the changes and also list my availability for certain sessions/pkgs but for now here are some recent images I have taken




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