The 16th China Changchun Film Festival will be held from December 21st to 25th

The 16th China Changchun Film Festival will be held from December 21st to 25th

Zhao Ming, the Standing Committee of the Changchun Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, introduced the main activities of China Changchun Film Festival at the press conference. During the film festival, the opening and closing ceremony, film award, movie exhibition, movie forum, pay tribute to the "cradle", and the six major units of the masses’ cultures will be held. It is reported that the opening ceremony is intended to be held in Changchun Five Ring Sports, highlighting "100 years, cradle, ice and snow"; film evaluation unit will be launched around China’s excellent filmmakers and film works, highlight the main melody; the film exhibition unit will hold red Changchun main melody video, China Comedy Movie Exhibition, Female Film Festival, Grand Supreme Movie Exhibition + X "mode facing the new image of long shadows in the country; the mass cultural unit will highlight" 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Chinese Communist Party ", showing colorful film culture activities; the closing ceremony is intended to be held in the long shadow concert hall, The cradle start point arranged the "Golden Deer Award" award. Zhao Ming used red, green and white three colors to explain the content and characteristics of the 16th China Changchun Film Festival.

He said that Chang Ying is the cradle of the new Chinese film. The China Changchun Film Festival is the first national grade film festival named by the buddy of the "red culture". Especially in recent years, "Golden Deer Award" has been committed to selecting outstanding Chinese movies, giving new mission in the new era.

The movie festival will seize the opportunity of the holiday cycle to adjust the annual one-year-old, pay more attention to the "Red Gene" of Chinese Movie, the most precious spirit of Chinese movies, and the most precious spirit of Chinese movies. ". He emphasized that the China Changchun Film Festival period has been adjusted as a year. It is an opportunity for Jilin Province and Changchun. He expects the artistic value of the movie, humanistic value, and social value can pass through the fusion platform of the Film Festival, close to the development of the times, and the same frequency resonance.

He pointed out that the China Changchun Film Festival will highlight the red cultural gene with value or guide, highlight the red cultural heritage, through the election of the excellent winning film, "The Song Party, the Motherland, the Song People, the Song Hero", guide the Chinese language The movie talks about Chinese stories, passing the Chinese voice; letting planting the Chinese Changchun Film Festival planting in the new Chinese movie cradle, becoming more excellent Chinese movies, outstanding filmmakers. "Green" represents the "Professional, Industrial" direction of "Professional, Industry", links up and down, to achieve branding, promoting the development of film and television art industry and the transformation of Changchun Economic Structure, and is imprinted on the Changchun Film and Television Industry. Ending a beautiful future full of vitality.

Zhao Ming emphasized that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Changchun City will focus on developing a film and television network industry, with this industrial and other industries such as cultural tourism, and promote economic revitalization.

The Changchun International Film Project is being rapidly promoted, and it has a pivotal position in the overall layout of Changchun "Six City Linkage". The development of the film and television industry and the creation of Changchun International Shadow is an important measure for the reform of the supply side of Changchun Industrial Structure. It is Changchun to achieve the "Cultural Creative City" and "Cultural Creative City". In particular, this film festival will practice "low-carbon" green development concept. On the one hand, through the development of film festival carbon, the whole society is widely spread, and the public is widely spread, and the public is widely transmitted. Actively practice low-carbon lifestyle, establish green low-carbon values ??and consumption.

On the other hand, the organizing committee will use the green and low-carbon material, material reduction, etc., to achieve the amount of green product of this film festival, to create a movie in the "Double Carbon Demonstration City" color.

"White" represents this movie festival will be committed to the integration of cultural elements.

Changchun is a movie capital, and it is also the ice and snow, located in the world’s ice and snow gold dimension band, Northeast Asian ice and snow core resource area, has a unique ice and snow resource endowment. The superposition of the two elements of the movie and ice will have a compound: the movie encounters ice and snow, a color, a variety of style; ice and snow meets movies, cold resources to promote thermal effect, ice and snow becomes Jinshan Yinshan. Zhao Ming said that the China Changchun Film Festival will focus on promoting the depth of film and ice and ice cultural elements and industries, explores the new path of industrial synergy, help China Changchun Film Festival to achieve diversified development, highlight the value of film festival platform.