Tianjin tennis five "full amount" performance exceeded expectations

Tianjin tennis five "full amount" performance exceeded expectations

Original title: Tianjin tennis five "full amount" performance exceeded expectations (Figure) The battle for tennis competition in Shaanxi All Games has entered a white heat, the Tianjin team is still the biggest winner. Yesterday, Li Wei took 4: 6, 6: 2, 6: 0 to reverse Hebei Sun Hanedijing, advanced the men’s singles.

Li Wei / Xu Yizhen takes 6: 3, 6: 3 to take the Beijing combination Cui Jie / Yang Wei, and advance to the mixed double final.

Zheng Saiyi, who took wound, 2: 6, 7: 6 (7), 6: 1 reversible Hubei Yumi, Wang Yu 6: 2, 7: 6 (4) Beat the Bai Zhuoxue in Henan, join hands to join the women’s singles four powerful.

The only regret is that Liu Fangzhou, who participated in the National Games, is 3: 6, 5: 7, is a total of Juline, a woman’s singles. In the women’s double semi-finals in the previous day, Zheng Saiyi accidentally hurt his shoulders when they were deducted a high ball, regret. It is reported that her shoulder injury is an old injury, and she has not been very good when she prepares for training in Tianjin. This time is accidentally injured. The preliminary diagnosis of the doctor exams is muscle torn.

At that time, no one was sure that she can participate in the next game.

After getting up yesterday, Zheng Sai was actively invited to the coach group and hoped to try to adhere to it.

In the case of eating a painkiller, the shoulder is tangled, Zheng Sai is in battle.

Her belief is never given up. "You have a victory from me here, you can’t grab me, you must kill you!" It is this strand to overwhel your opponent, Zheng Saiyi endured the pain reversal .

  Li Wei, who has three, once again faced the test, he retrieves the tenacious will and experience to reverse Sun Happian, and head is tall into the men’s singles.

It is worth mentioning that Sun Hairi will be the opponent in Li Wei in the men’s double final. This Li Wei reversed in the finals of the winner "sent egg", suppressing the strength of the opponent, grab the psychological advantages for the men’s double finals. Transferring the mixed doubles, Li Wei / Xu Yizhen took Cui Jie / Yang Wei, successfully advanced into the double finals, and Yang Wei is a female double partner of Xu Yizhen. Today, men and women will play semi-finals and men and women. The person in charge of the Tianjin Tennis Center said that the current performance of the team exceeded expectations.

"We have a team member in five single items, it is really not easy, I hope we can all war.

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