Qisheng, brainstorm, open the new rosary of rural resolution

Qisheng, brainstorm, open the new rosary of rural resolution

Chasing is broad, and the wind is hung.

After experiencing a subtle rain, China ushered in a more open and bright future.

At this time, rural revitalization became an important topic of the new journey. Promoting the revitalization of the country, connecting to the poverty, meaning that rural rejuvenation is "developing for the people, developing people, development results by the people’s sharing" spirit. " To achieve rural rejuvenation, we must consolidate the replenishment of poverty in the agricultural rurality in a higher standard, greater, and decore.

At the same time, when my country’s decentralization, the problem of rural development is also increasingly prominent. Rural revitalization requires economic as a support point, but it is not optimistic about the country, rural economic development is not optimistic, the country’s development is homogeneous, the population aging, labor reduction , Lack of young blood, traditional agricultural income, the increasing number of farmland is increasing, the cost, industrial, population, labor, land and other factors have deep changes in the revitalization of rural resolution, and has become a "blocking tiger" in front of the rural revitalization. The generation of these issues, both historical precipitation, and new problems in the new situation. Open a new journey from the country to revitalize, you must have the idea of ??being able to have a bone’s thoughts, and don’t let me to solve the problem.

Country revitalization needs to be fully accurately understood and accurately understanding and analyzing. At the same time, we must clearly recognize that rural revitalization is the main line of rural development during the future. The Party Central Committee attaches great importance to the country development, establishing a supporting policy, helping rural development, Country revitalization creates a good development space, providing opportunities for more young return entrepreneurs.

Action has always been a winning method for cracking problems. The key to rural rejuvenation is that the masses of the grassroots party members and cadres are working together, brainstorming. Promote the revitalization of rural villages, on the one hand, we need to focus on developing crux, clearly developing home, combined with local resources, clear development direction, cultivating the characteristic industry, adjusting the industrial structure, breaking through the regional development, and promoting cross-regional development.

On the other hand, the party members and cadres need to work together, and the cadres play the role and value of "leading sheep". They really develop the masses in their hearts. I don’t think I have to stay, I only strive for the sense of responsibility and urgency, and I have to promote the revitalization. When the wind and waves are just, don’t wait for the whip. As the party members and cadres, they must stand in the new historical starting point, go to the "rushing road" of the village to revitalize, and promote the revitalization of rural villages.

Then, China will be able to take the wind and break, and take the next stop to build a socialist modern country in an all way! (Chapter Jun).