Technical progress 5G Energy steel industry (empowering traditional industrial transformation upgrade · Focus "5G + industrial Internet" 3)

Technical progress 5G Energy steel industry (empowering traditional industrial transformation upgrade · Focus "5G + industrial Internet" 3)

Original title: Technology progress 5G Energy steel industry (empowering traditional industrial transformation upgrade · Focus "5G + industrial Internet" 3) core reading Iron and steel industry is a typical process production industry, the production process is continuous, want to be in a complex environment Timely delivery of a lot of information, the original information system needs to be intelligent.

In recent years, "5G + Industrial Internet" has enforced application, promoting remote control, collaborative operation, fault diagnosis and other functions, and promoting this traditional industry.

In the past, the operation workers waved in the production workshop, now, sitting in the operating room can remotely manipulate production. In the past, if the production equipment fails, the product quality, generally until the final sampling can be found. Today, the sensor automatically monitors the equipment operation, real-time diagnosis of faults and precise positioning, and the good product rate is higher. The production scenario is relatively complex in the steel industry, and the production process is high.

In recent years, benefit from the promotion and empowerment of "5G + Industrial Internet", steel production and manufacturing have gradually transformed into digital, intelligent direction, and the advancement of technology has brought more power to industry high quality development. Remote control, production of safer and efficient and huge electromagnetic spreaders, adsorbed tons of waste steel, increase, transition, adjustment position, and then place it into the transport car … in Hunan Huiling Xiangtan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. 5 meters wide thick plate steelmaking area, 4 daily vehicles (bridge cranes) are tension and orderly work. At this point, Operators Tan Bin is sitting in the spacious remote control room, visiting the screen, dialing the rod, pressing the button, and easily complete the loading and mining task.

"I used to work in the operating room under the Trunk Bridge. The dust is more, the noise is large, although it is already relatively closed, but the time is long, there will be dust, and you must wear a mask when you work. .

"Help Tan Bin achieved changes in the operation environment, is Huiling Xianggang to use the" 5G + Industrial Internet "technology realized Templex intelligence renovation project. He Wei, deputy director of Huiling Xianggang Production Equipment, introduced the ultra-high and reliable use of new technology Sexual and ultra-low delays, the workshop exceeds the ultra-high-speed upload and download of the data, can accurately control the equipment, and truly realize the separation of people and machines.

The wisdom transformation of 5G + clouds allows workers’ efficiency to improve a lot. In Baosteel Shares, Zhanjiang Steel Co., Ltd. hot rolled mills, the staff Wu Yaoteng has the same feelings. Speaking of the change of 5G technology to the work, he served again: "Now sitting in the office, you can remotely operate the equipment, safe and comfortable!" Wu Yaoteng was responsible for the operation tracking of unmanned vehicles in the workshop, before he wants to The machine is controlled on more than 10 meters high, and the spirit must be highly concentrated.

"Since the application new technology, the unmanned car helped the busy, and there were less dangers to get and down, and one person can control 4 days.

"" 5G + smart steel scene application has been spend more, similar to 5G Truck remote control, automatic control, etc., has a large-scale replication technology and industry foundation.

Pan Weidong, General Manager of Zhanjiang Branch of China Mobile Guangdong Company, said that in the future, 5G combined with artificial intelligence and cloud computing and other technologies can help solve the problem of steel enterprises network fragmentation and information, and introduce information, digitalization in manufacturing and management. And automation solutions, improve enterprise production efficiency and profitability. Collaborative operations, machine implementation of tacit cooperation with steel production workshops, pococococlevials, cars, and radioparamns, after driving to the carbonization room, will be entered Push, stop, quenching, etc.

During the pushing process, the locomotive automatically identifies the stove number, and travels to the corresponding furnace number … The reporter has recently seen the Shougang Jingtang Company in Tangshan, Hebei Province, and the entire process is automatically completed. For steel companies, coke oven is an indispensable device. The four major locomotives of the coke oven, the caravation, the radoplane, the coal car, the division of labor, and each other, and the transmission of the signal is constituted for the organic uniform.

On the monitor of the central control room, the operation data of the four major locomotives is at a glance.

In addition to monitoring locomotive operations in real time, the entire management system can realize human-computer dialogue and send job instructions.

"The four major locomotive operations of the coke oven is uploaded by the equipment body to the central control room. In the past, due to small bandwidth, the image transmission often occurs, and the lag is lagging behind." Jing Tang Company Jiaozhi Department of Production Dan Hongqi.

The steel industry is a typical process production industry. The production process is continuous, and it is difficult to deliver a lot of information in a timely manner in a complex environment. In 2019, the Jingtang Company’s coking department applies 5G technology to remote operation of the four locomotives, and realizes multi-machine intelligent synchronization linkage, making device remote mode of operation more reliable, efficient and safe. "We now realize the stability, safe, fast transmission, and medium control rooms of the image, and after logic judgment, the programmable logic controller of the corresponding instruction to the locomotive, thereby achieving the division of labor of the four major locomotives." Ding Hongqi said.

Huawei 5G steel industry expert Peng Jun said that compared to other wireless systems, 5G is more prominent, multiple devices in production site can be flexible to form a collaborative work system, realize the division of labor, improve production efficiency, reduce production energy consumption . According to reports, since 2019, Shougang Jingtang Company has utilized technology such as "5G + Industrial Internet" to promote the upgrade of steel manufacturing technology and equipment transformation, and production efficiency has increased by about 15%. Troubleshooting, real-time monitoring, active maintenance, with "rumbler" sound, red dragonfly quickly moved quickly, rolled, sprayed cooled into a black steel strip, roll into steel rolls … in Anshan, Liaoning Anshan Steel Shares Hot Rolled Tape Steel Factory, 1780 Heat Rolling Production Line Production Work Area Operation Chang Ma Liang stare at the display in the background, check the production of steel belt. Ma Liang said that on the transport track of more than 100 meters, there are more than 400 rollers in the hot rolling process. If a motor is faulty, the roller is stagnant, it will cause large area scratches on the surface of the steel belt, affecting the product quality.

"In the past, such issues were only found in the final sampling of the product, but the production line may have produced a lot of scratched products on the production line." In 2019, Angang construction 5G + equipment in 1780 hot rolling production line (motor) Predictive maintenance pilot, effectively solve this problem.

Liu Jiawei, chief researcher of Anshan Steel Information Industry Co., Ltd. To achieve instant monitoring, diagnosis, disposal, etc.

"Taking the 1780 hot-rolling production line as an example, after the" 5G + Industrial Internet ", the motor current of each roller will be collected in real time. Once an abnormality will immediately alarm and accurately position." Previously found that the product scratch after the product was discovered. Question, there is a need to investigate more than 400 rollers. It takes half an hour to 1 hour. It is now possible to determine the problem in 10 minutes.

"Ma Liang said," The maintenance efficiency is increased, the shutdown time is shortened, the waste, the destination, the decline rate is down from the original 7%, and the company is saving the company. "In addition to fault repair," 5G + Industrial Internet "application has also achieved active maintenance of the equipment.

"In the past, maintenance equipment mainly rely on personnel to check, the on-site workload is large, dangerous, and the accuracy is not high.

Some of the spare parts of the equipment are still normal, but they will be replaced by the replacement cycle, causing waste; some spare parts have become degraded, and they have not found that they may develop into faults.

These are highly dependent on the experience of the inspectors. "Liu Jiawei said," Now, the experience of the old master is transformed into a data model, and the full life cycle management of the equipment is achieved by data analysis, scientifically maintenance equipment.

On the 1780 hot rolling production line, the transformation of emergency stop, the number of fault repairs fell by 20%, and the unit operation rate increased by 5%.

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