Scientifically prepared rural land space planning to do a deep system of two reform "second half" articles vigorously promoted rural comprehensive revitalization and county economic high quality devel

Scientifically prepared rural land space planning to do a deep system of two reform "second half" articles vigorously promoted rural comprehensive revitalization and county economic high quality development

Original title: Scientifically prepared rural land space planning to do deeply to do two reform "second half" article vigorously promoted rural comprehensive revitalization and high quality development of county economies November 1st, and coordinate the development of rural land space planning and two in Sichuan Province. The Reform "Second Half" Article Work Conference was held in Chengdu, and Peng Qinghua, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, attended the meeting and speaking.

He emphasized that it is necessary to firmly implement the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, comprehensively implement the party’s central government policy and the provincial party committee decision-making deployment, coordinate development and safety, development and protection, tightness, "according to the actual score area, according to the formation area Planning, according to the planning to optimize the layout, configuring resources "direction path, scientifically prepared rural landline planning, doing deeply to do two reform" second half "articles, vigorously promoting rural comprehensive revitalization and high-quality development of county economy, for new towns The establishment of important foundation and continuously enhance the level of grassroots governance system and governance capacity in the province.

Provincial Party Committee deputy secretary, governor Huang Qiang hosted the meeting, and Chairman, Chairman of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference attended.

In the speech, Peng Qinghua pointed out that the adjustment and reform of township administrative districts and village-level construction adjustment is a major fundamental reform of Sichuan Province, strengthening and improving rural development governance, province The committee will be able to grasp it as a matter of revitalizing and governing the global situation of the country.

Two reforms are a major article, and the first half of the first half of the tuning and reduction, the physics change, the second half of the second half is improved, gave birth to chemical reactions, and the two jointly point to optimizing the rural development pattern. Targeting the roots of grassroots governance foundation.

This year, the year of the "14th Five-Year Plan" started, the central government demanded a comprehensive lattice planning, which provided the total traction and main grip for the "second half of the" second half of the reform.

Seize this "Niogas", you can guide the relevant special program to optimize the policy, funding and focusing, promoting major layouts, key projects, and important policies, forming a stronger comprehensive effect, release greater reform dividends.

The Provincial Party Committee has repeatedly studied, and decided to break the administrative division and construction boundaries within the county, and the area was prepared in the unit.

This decision-making deployment has sufficient theoretical follows, policy basis and practical foundation. It is not only the realistic needs of the two reform "second half" articles and realizes the innovation of all-coverage of rural land space planning. Promote the comprehensive revitalization of rural residence and the construction of new urbanization, promote the long-term gauge of high quality development in the county economy, which is conducive to guiding the full flow of public resources and market elements, reasonable agglomeration, optimization configuration, and cultivating more support in counties. A powerful new engine provides greater load-bearing space for rural revitalization and new urbanization, and also supports the bottom support for high quality development of county economies. The various departments across the province must deepen ideological understanding and accurately grasp the profound strategy and important practice requirements of this decision-making deployment, and effectively enhance the sense of responsibility for this work. Peng Qinghua pointed out that in the form of a residential country land, there is a wide range of homes, and the closing clues are needed. It is necessary to seize the key, highlight the focus, and form an overall propulsion. To divide a good district, accurately grasp the new trend of urban and rural structures, new demands for industrial gathering development and new expectations of the beautiful life, and actively compliance, the economic development trend, the population movement, and humanistic emotions, according to Yada, Small small principles, scientifically determine the scale and coverage of the cassette, and do the way to optimize and classify.

It is necessary to determine the center town (village), from the need to promote the high-level synergy development of the county, give priority to townships that carry out space, strong radiation capacity, and have a large development potential, and coordinate considering traffic logistics conditions, ecological synergy, history Cultural linkages and other factors determine the central village, focus on building scale, functional misplacement, driving powerful district development pattern. To prepare a temple plan, fully simultaneously find out the status quo of the population, scientifically plan agriculture, ecological, urban space, do a good job in the connection with the upper plan, other special planning, rational planning layout infrastructure and public service facilities, better satisfaction Diverse multi-level demand.

It is necessary to lay out, combined with the resource endowment and industrial basis of the district, combined with the expansion of the modern agricultural park, scientifically clear the development of industrial development, planning and layout, leading the development of new industries, and focus on the industrial chain in the district, Promote a new pattern of "a distinctive one in one area". To configure a resource, promote the centralized layout of public resources such as education, medical care, pension and emergency rescue power in the district, accurately transfer, guide market elements, orderly flow, so that limited resources have better benefits, and effectively improve the people Reform gains.

Peng Qinghua pointed out that the formation of a country is a systematic project, which is a systematic project, which needs to adhere to system concepts, strengthen global planning and integrity deployment. In the specific advancement, pay attention to grasp the relationship between the central town and other build towns. The central town is the leading leading area of ??the development of the district. Other construction towns are an indispensable support for the development of the district, which can improve the construction level of the central town according to conditions and needs. But you can’t engage in biggest demolition, disorderly expansion.

Pay attention to grasp the relationship between the bottom line constraints and development orientation, insist on the designation of moderate, green development, overtield and long-term, and maintain planning moderate flexibility.

Pay attention to grasp the relationship between the disk activity and the excellent incrementation, through centralized adjustment, unified replacement, package leasing, etc., in a larger-wide disk, the remaining free idle assets, and strictly follow the various resource elements of the newly released area. Optimize structure and input, and effectively improve the efficiency of integrated use. Peng Qinghua emphasized that the planning time is tight, the task is compiled, the task is important, and the task is needed, and the timing steps are needed, according to the strength and conditions of all aspects, the arrangements, and press the stubble. To strengthen organizational leadership, establish a provincial guidance, city (state) coordination, county as the main body, and township cooperation. To strengthen policy support, highlight the authority and binding of planning, surround the planning of the block area plan, and promote a blueprint to the bottom, one session. To pay attention to the way, focus on the combination of top design and grassroots exploration, encourage local conditions to be actively promoted, ensuring that all work is intended to develop, in line with local reality, and reach a wide consensus.

At the meeting, Peng Qinghua also combined with the development of rural land space planning, doing two reform "second half" articles, making further arrangements for key work such as developing new rural collective economies, consolidating expanding the effectiveness of rural revitalization. The meeting was held in the form of a television conference, and the city (state), county (city, district) set a venue, and organized special training.

Provincial Party Committee, Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee, Provincial Government, Provincial Political Consultative Conference Lead, Dean of the Provincial Court, the Provincial Procuratorate, the provincial direct departments (units), some central in the Kawaguchi and city (state), counties (city, district) Responsible comrades, etc. participate in the main venue. (Sichuan Daily full media reporter Zhang Shuo Shuai) (Editor: Luo Wei, Zhang Hua Wei) Sharing More people see.