The new four army Zhangjiafang set up the enemy

The new four army Zhangjiafang set up the enemy

Original title: The new four army Zhangjiafang set up the enemy in early 1943, the Japanese army launched a large-scale attack on the south.

In February, the Minnan fell, the Kuomintang defended or fled or dropped, and some collapsed. The people of the people of the people are suffering, and the new four army will receive the lost land day and night. From late from late March to mid-June, the new four military fifteen brigade troops were ordered to come back from Fu Nan.

After continuous combat, it has not yet destroyed a large number of enemies, more tiles, captives, and quoted more than 4,000 pupils and bandits, soon opened the situation. In July, the fifteenth brigade fifty-five regiments have come to Honghu area, and the local people will run away, and they warmly welcome the arrival of the children.

  After the Japanese Puppet army got the intelligence, it was attempted that the New Fourth Army launched "sweeping" on the occasion of unstable, and the new four army took out the Honghu area.

Chen Xiushan, who was committed to the supervision of the supervision (Li) 沔 (Yang) region, and Li Bing, Secretary of the Communist Party of China, and the person in charge of the forty-five groups, and decided to adopt "two ways of two ways, and avoid realism". Tactics, waiting for the enemy who came to "sweep" in sports war. The specific method is: Cao Yuxi, the deputy group of forty-five groups, and Li Binghong rate the forty-five groups and "group straight" as all the way, and the fishing village in Honghu Peng Jiadun, Zhangjiafang turned into; group chief Qing Xionghu The forty-five group branch is another way, and the pier is transferred to the flooding. After the forty-five groups, the three battalions and "reunion" arrived at Zhangjiafang, I immediately got the information sent by the underground workers who were involved in the enemy: the pseudo-military Wang Yiming Department of the new Dike will be dispatched within one or two days. The boat entered the Honghu "Sweeping" New Fourth Army, and the enemy in the direction of Fuyang will not participate in this action due to lack of force. In response to the enemy’s trends, the forty-five groups immediately adjusted deployment, concentrated the power to combat the enemy of the new resort. On the evening of September 5, Qingxiong Tiger Rate arrived in Zhongpun, and he accidentally surrounded the advance sector of the puppet army Wang Yiming, and the enemy was all captured. After the trial, Qingxiong Tiger learned that Wang Yiming’s main force will cooperate with the Japanese army to Zhangjiafang on the morning of the 6th.

Qing Xionghu immediately sent people to Zhangjiafang to send letter to Cao Yuxi, Li Bingfan, while filling the troops quickly building a work, set the enemy.

In order to insert an enemy, the Qing Xionghu specially ordered some of the warriors to replace the pseudo military uniform, standing in the "conspicuous" of the Medium, holding the Japanese flag, "waiting" the enemy’s arrival. At 8 o’clock on the 6th, the Japanese Puppet army took 300 small fishing boats to the middle pier. He saw the Japanese flag in front of the front.

The boat of the Japanese Army is running to Zhangjiafang and enters the new four army forty-five group ambush circle. Under the commander, the New Fourth Army warrior opened the fire from both sides and suddenly played the enemy to a group, and they were falling. When the enemy was killed by more than one, the enemy was killed, and the ship was fire.

The enemy’s diving escape, was captured by the new four army "next network fishing", including the Japanese "Administrative Guide" and the captain of the Puppet Forces, walked in the final Wang Yiming and a few guards to raise the bow to escape. This battle, forty-five groups won all the victory, seized more than 200 long shorts, 10 light machine guns and a group of military supplies.

  Zhang Jiafang’s battle is the first big win, the new four army entered Honghu, and since then, the Supreme Army, the Japanese Puppet army surrounded by Honghu, did not dare to come out for a long time.