The National Moral Model Wang Yong said to the old river police …

The National Moral Model Wang Yong said to the old river police …

Extreme Journalist Zhou Pingying correspondent Li Weiwen’s epidemic, obligatory to transfer the medical staff of Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital to get off work, and coordinate the network of bus enterprises to participate in the transfer medical staff, coordinate the implementation of bicycle companies to put bicycles around the hospital, to meet the medical staff short distance travel demand . After that, he led the volunteer team to participate in the establishment of a meal supply system, and funded the funds to provide bubble noodles and water for medical staff. Find a restaurant for medical staff and drip drivers to give me every time, strive for relevant departments to support 10,000 meals Continuous supply, build a free distribution spare network for emergency meals to solve the dining problem of 7,800 medical staff and front lines.

He is the 8th National Moral Model, the national anti-corona pneumonia epidemic, advanced individual, Wang Yong.

On the afternoon of November 12, Wang Yong told the young police of the Laohekou City Public Security Bureau to the experience of his epidemic, interact with the police.

"What belief is supporting you as a retrorefront?" In the face of the police’s question, Wang Yong used the simple language to restore the real incident he experienced during the epidemic, and encouraged youth police to meet difficult in our daily work. I have to learn to persevere, stick to it, don’t be difficult to defeat.

"A person’s pay may be a candlelight, but thousands of people’s pay is the sun!" Wang Yong encouraged youth police to firmly believe in belief, courage to challenge, do more good things for the masses, more practical things.

"In the future work, I will continue to stick to my post, give full play to the role of the mediator, and better regulate contradiction disputes for the masses, and continue to play a responsibility for law enforcement, bringing a peaceful.

"Youth police said that in the era of hard work, every spray should be struggling, in the best era, each of us must do the best yourself.