Shenyang released the national fitness implementation plan

Shenyang released the national fitness implementation plan

Shenyang released the national fitness implementation plan, by 2025 – the "10-minute fitness circle" reporter learned on December 7th, "Shenyang City National Fitness Implementation Plan (2021-2025)" officially released, proposed to 2025, Shenyang’s per capita sports field has reached a square meter, consolidating the "15 minutes of fitness circle", urban community to achieve "10 minutes fitness circle"; urban community sports facilities reach "Treatment", equipment facilities continue to transfer, equipped with suitable teenagers Fitness facilities for physical exercise. In order to alleviate the lack of fitness venues, during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Shenyang City will plan to build Shenyang International Sports Center Sports Service Complex.

Promoting the construction of the county (city) area national fitness center project, not built in planning period and put into use within the planning period. At the same time, propulsion, enterprises, enterprise sports facilities, open, public sports facilities, and conditions with conditions, enterprises and institutions, school sports venues, will be open to society without affecting normal work and teaching.

  In terms of intelligence construction, Shenyang City will upgrade the national fitness center facilities and expand wisdom informationization. Promote the wisdom fitness path, smart sports park, wisdom fitness trail construction, one to 2 wisdom sports parks or fitness trails each year.

At the same time, build a sports convenience service platform, providing a venue for residents, fitness map, fitness guidance, physical fitness monitoring, information consultation, event watch, online interaction, etc., building Shenyang "Electronic Fitness Map". In order to promote the coordinated development of adolescent cultural learning and physical exercise, Shenyang City will strengthen the service delivery service supply for primary and secondary schools, and protect students every day, and the school will be 3 hours of sports. Select 100 ice and snow characteristics, directly participate in "Ice and Snow" in "Ice and Snow", reached 100,000.

By 2025, the sports traditional specialty schools reached 300, and all the year agreed to physical exercise and training schools reached 200, promoting the healthy growth of adolescents. In order to improve the level of science and fitness service, Shenyang will increase the training of social sports instructors, enrich the training main body, increase the number of training, and expand the training.

Organize social sports instructors to go deep into the community (village) to serve the masses, and they are incentive with clothing and equipments. At the same time, organize the national physical fitness to monitor the organs, enter the enterprise, enter the community, enter the village, enter the school "five into" volunteer service activities. Carry out national physique monitoring and fitness status survey, regularly release the national body monitoring report. By 2025, every thousand people have social sports instructors, and more than 2,000 social sports instructors are trained, and the number of national physique monitors is not less than 3,000.

  Shenyang City will also create a "one river cross-strait" ten boutique events, each year holds more than 20 large-scale brand event activities, and 1100 games are subject to mass fitness activities.

In massive fitness activities, we will develop fitness, hiking, swimming, cycling, ice and snow sports, etc., cultivating the fencing, racing, model, model, equestrian, etc. Traditional sports projects such as Go, Tai Chi, Chess, Dragon Boat, Kite, promote the "three big balls" and table tennis, badminton, and the ball and other mass event activities, organize the public meeting, community (village) Games and county football competition.

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