The villagers of this cooperative in Xitong Town, the big harvest are divided into red.

The villagers of this cooperative in Xitong Town, the big harvest are divided into red.

Take the dividend rice. Zhou Bangjing Photograph People’s Network Chongqing September 26th Xinmin Village, Xintin Village, Xisong Town, Kowloon City, ushered in rice harvest season.

At 8:30 in March 24, in front of the smart granary of the Agricultural Share Cooperative of Chongqing, the woven bag filled with rice is piled up with the woven bag filled with rice, the villagers queued to receive their own rice, pull food The tricycle is opened, and a lively scene.

  Huang Chengcheng’s grain is poured from the transfer of granary, flowing into the woven bag, packing, code, counting, pretensioning, registering … dividend. 270 tons of rice in accordance with 400 pounds per mu of 400 pounds.

  7 The villagers Pu Guolan packed the rice, and moved on their own tricycles, took the sunny weather in these days, pulled back to dry after drying. A tricycle can have more than 400 pounds, and there is three times.

"My family is 3 acres of shares, divided more than a thousand pounds. I used to grow my own, and a new variety should be worried about production. Sowing management harvesting samples must do one-hand one foot, now all shareholders Don’t worry.

Po Guo laughed.

  Wang Nianfu is the first batch of villagers who participated in cooperatives. He put all its own 2 acres of land into the shareholdties. Wrap, medicine, harvest, harvesting, etc., are completed by cooperatives, don’t worry, and the family can work.

"He hopes to harvest better tomorrow, more points.

  "There are not many people who have dinner at home, so many rice can’t eat.

"1 social villagers Liu Mingjia has more than 4 acres. This year, this year is divided into 1374 pounds of rice, according to a large price per catty, she sells people who can not eat rice on the spot, counting a banknotes." Three changes "Reform Dividend has been in 2018, Jiulong Village is included in the country’s revolutionary single test demonstration village, actively promoting the" three changing "reform pilots. In November of the same year, Chongqing Xixiang is established, After the implementation of the first phase of the appropriate machinery remediation project, 450 mu of small scattered cultivated land was remedied, becoming 600 acres of flat cultivated land, all of which were all deprecated, and thousands of cultivated land per mu.

  Cooperatives have greatly improved food-planted benefits through mechanized sowing, green fertilization, unmanned plant protection, and has achieved significant scale benefits in the production and operation of agricultural resources procurement, planting management, product sales. Not only can the village collective income, but also liberate from the land from the land.

Previously, because Xinmin Village was close to the main city, there were many industrial parks such as Xifeng, Shuangfu and Germany, and the village’s agricultural infrastructure is behind, most of the people in the village will go to the main city and surrounding parks, and work. The development of cooperatives has played a good promotion of farmers, and farmers can go out to work with land share cooperatives and idle time. In September 2019, the cooperatives have conducted the first dividend in accordance with the Voting of the Society Conference: According to the standard per mu of 400 pounds of rice, 90 tons of rice gave the members. Wang Wenlong, Chairman of the Cooperative, said that the collaborative community continued for a few years, this year, I received a total of 270 rice, according to the standards per mu of 400 pounds of rice, and at present, 609 farmers have joined the cooperatives.

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