Shengmao Lin went to Tianjin Medical University to investigate the advanced traditional diligent service development of older generations of scientists

Shengmao Lin went to Tianjin Medical University to investigate the advanced traditional diligent service development of older generations of scientists

  On October 13th, the President of the CPPCC led Shengmao Lin, led some members of the CPPCC to the Tianjin Medical University to investigate and watch the first reflection of the documentary "The Doctor of the Medicine", and attended the topic. Zhao Zhonghua, Vice President of the CPPCC, participated in the Secretary-General. Shengmao Linban visited the medical school history school history, Mr. Zhu Xiyu Memorial Hall and the Significance Exhibition Hall, listening to the main content of documentary and introduction.

At the symposium, Mr. Zhu Xi, relatives, colleagues and students, deeply reviewed the life deeds and lofty style of Mr. Zhu Xi, expressed their deep nostalgia and persistence of Mr. Zhu Xindu.

  Sheng Ma Lin pointed out that this year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and is also the 70th anniversary of the establishment of Tianjin Medical University.

The event is the best commemoration of the 70th birthday of medical universities, and the effective initiative to carry out the study of party history education.

Mr. Zhu Xiyu is a well-known clinical endocrineer, medical education home, the first principal of Tianjin Medical University, engaged in medical, teaching, research and research work, made outstanding contributions to the development of health and medical education in my country. The documentary "the big man Zhu Xun" vividly shows Mr. Zhu Xiyu as a medical profession, the legendary life of the educational master, highlights the beauty of faith, the beauty of struggle, and dedication.

  Sheng Maolin emphasized that General Secretary Xi Jinping made an important requirement for further health and education during the national "two sessions" this year.

We must learn from the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, further enhance the "four awareness", firm "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", under the leadership of the municipal party committee, strengthen responsibility, diligent, effort In order to increase the light in an domain, add color to the global. I hope that the majority of teachers and students from Medical University learn Mr. Zhu Xi, and the heart of love, learn to be a teacher, ambition of the world, hard to study, and rigorously study the high-quality product, seeking truth, practicing the true skills, new achievements, and strive for the people Provide a better and efficient health care. The Municipal CPPCC organizes and the majority of CPPCC members must take the example of Zhu Xianyu and other older medical practitioners, educators, and political conference workers, and strive to add bricks to Tianjin high-quality development, and contribute wisdom and strength to comprehensively build socialist modernization.

  It is reported that the "Medical Large Zhu Xiyu" is a documentary that Tianjin Medical University and Haihe Media Center jointly strengthened the ideological and political education of the school, which is designed to encourage the majority of medical workers to continue their struggles and serve the people.

The film will be in Tianjin Satellite TV at 21:20 on October 14.

(Liu Ping).