Returning life is the most powerful inheritance (cultural only)

Returning life is the most powerful inheritance (cultural only)

Original title: Returning life is the most powerful inheritance (cultural only), the creation of art and business operation is actively embrace the Internet.

Short video, public account, e-commerce platform, etc., shorten the distance between art and audience, commodity and consumers.

However, in terms of the process, "things" attributes are difficult to cross the screen block, even in the Internet age, we still think about: in the moment, why is it in what environment? From ancient times, the purpose of craft production is to improve the quality of life and satisfy people’s demand for good life.

Since a period, some process varieties have chosen the direction of the artistic development, and then they have begun to explore the right path returned to themselves and serve their lives. Crafts are not just art, from the perspective of non-legacy, returning life is the most powerful inheritance. Taking embroidery as an example, Yao Jianping has reversed the development of Su embroidery artist to the development of Yao embroidery art brands and artistic living space.

Art Exploration and Life Return, is a contemporary process, the former is committed to solving the "possible" of the process, the latter reflects the "need" of the process.

  Traditional crafts should meet the needs of contemporary life, is not easy.

This requires the craftsman to understand the contemporary living space, including home space and public space. We often see the use of embroidery and other processes in the costume film and television drama, and they are often fascinated by people in various museums. As the "antique", they are here to use mainly for life, but in order to explain the life of the past. However, what can I bring in real life? In the past few years, Shanghai, Suzhou and other cities have appeared some of the more affected crafts and cities, the craftsmanship in the museum and bookstore not violated, and some brands naturally grow into artistic living space.

The wide recognition and market feedback from them have shown that the practicality of the process does not completely disappear, the key to the problem is how to make it integrated into this life. The demand for food and clothing is different, and the traditional process presented form has not been able to meet the needs of modern people.

Design, materials, and aesthetic fun need to be changed.

Embroidery, weaving, engraving, etc.

Take the Soviet Sofa as an example, silk’s set of professionalism and sofa has a strong conflict, but relying on scientific and technological progress and materials innovation, launching artificial silk and embroidered lines with wear resistance can make the previous impossible possible. Crafts jump out of the picture frame, showcase, can be converted into daily items and products customized according to consumer demand.

The process is present here, relying on innovative transformation to achieve vitality, is a fruitful performance of the process. When more and more people began to miss those ancient intentions, people have the opportunity to meet traditional furniture, clothing, and vintage vesors, and those who use their way and the imagination and aesthetics, they need a re- Wake up the process. In Yao embroidery artistic life, the artist’s work and derivatives are demonstrated, and the inheritance people, artists, designers and operators have taken the way of exhibition and market, and joint coffee, floral exhibition, Guqin Ya Ton, etc.

This brand empowers and cross-border communication, in fact, the truth is also repeated: the process is not isolated, it follows the requirements of a specific usage scene, explore the presented form of this era, and through a good design implementation process The purpose of service life. The economic value and spiritual value of crafts are expected.

In the process of inventing, improving, using and consumed it, it also conducts this search: why is traditional craftsmanship and beauty? How to improve inheritance and re-create capabilities? How to achieve wide application in life? Conventional processes are made of industrial production instead of personalization, so it can provide a warm and updated environment with industrial production. The process is one of the important ways of connection between people and things, and people still need to deliver the wisdom and temperature of the creation, to meet the needs of daily lives, so that good crafts become a long-term companionship. (Editor: Job, Zhou Yuting) Sharing let more people see client download.