Taking the history of the way to create a future

Taking the history of the way to create a future

Original title: Taking the history of the 19th National Plenary Session of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Future, the Sixth Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China, the resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China, triggered in the party members and cadres in Gansu ProvinceAnti-response.Everyone believes that the Party’s 19th China Plenary Session is a milestone in our party. The resolution is a glorious Marxist programming literature, which is the Emperor of our party.

We have said, should seriously study and implement the spirit of the plenary session, ideals and faith, bearing in mind the early heart mission, work hard, dauntless front row, second century to achieve the goal, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream and make unremitting efforts. A brilliant Marxist programmatic document, "the party’s ninth plenary session of the party’s six comprehensive summary of the significant achievements of years of struggle and historical experience, the resolution is a brilliant Marxist programmatic document fully reflects the party early heart to keep in mind the mission, always maintain the vigor and vitality of strong will and firm determination to fully embody the party profound grasp of the laws of historical development, always grasp the history of the party and the country’s development mission to play an active and fully reflects the party based on the present, focus on the future, focus on the use of summary and historical experience vision and foresight. "Linze county party secretary Zhang Hui said," we will quickly set off study and implement the spirit of the boom plenary session, a profound understanding of the rich connotation, accurately grasp the core essence, the letter promote the plenary session in Linze root, cohesion since the county cadres and the masses of the socialist modernization drive a powerful force.

" ‘Plenary session examined and adopted the resolution, the party’s history of the first two resolutions and keeps up with the times, history is an extremely penetrating, thought to lead the force, political mobilization force, the era of charismatic Marxist program of literature.

"Lanzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau Party Secretary Wang Ning said the study and implement the spirit of the plenary session, to deeply understand the party’s struggle for a hundred years," five "historical significance, depth practice" Ten adhere to the "historical experience from which to draw wisdom and strength .

We will adhere to the spirit of the plenary session with learning to deepen party history study and education, overall good organic combination of prevention and control of epidemic and economic and social development, to ensure the successful completion of the objectives and tasks throughout the year.

"A country, a political party, the core of leadership is essential.

"Daily Jiuquan party secretary, president and editor in chief Yang Antao said the party establish the guiding status of Xi Jinping, the new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, reflecting the whole army and the common aspiration of people of all nationalities, the new era of the party and the country’s development is of decisive significance to promote the great rejuvenation of the historical process of the Chinese nation. more determined, more consciously practice early heart mission "a hundred years of struggle the party’s historical experience, so that we can see why the success of the past, figure out how to continued success in the future, leaving we seek to keep in mind the Chinese people happiness, to seek the revival of the Chinese nation is the beginning of the heart Chinese communists unswerving, more firmly in the way of a new era exam, consciously practice the mission of early heart. "Lintao County Guangming community party secretary Cao Lina said," the community is the party and government, serving the residents of the ‘last kilometer’.

We will actively innovative grass-roots party building service model, and continuously improve community management and service system, enhance satisfaction and happiness index of community residents.

"Jinchuan Group of party members Li Hongqi, after retirement to lead the masses voluntary tree planting, waste slag in the mountain built a kilometer long, 70 meters wide green screen, with practical action interpretation of the beginning of the heart of the mission of a party member." Our Party century It is a history of struggle for the people to seek happiness history, a practice the party’s history of early heart mission, a party and the people heart to heart, breathing the same air, a common fate of history. "He said," do not fade retired, to devote limited life to the people, in order to truly reflect the value of life.

"Tianshui City Chinese Medicine Hospital Cardiovascular nurses a year in aid Hubei Nie Jingxin war ” to join the Communist Party of China period. Crown face a new round of new outbreaks of pneumonia, the first time she volunteered to go to quarantine medical observation point mission." The current epidemic plague I feel the heavy responsibility and glorious mission. "Nie Jingxin said that as health care workers, we want to carry forward the great founding spirit, carry forward the great spirit of the fight against SARS, do their job, trying to bless every life, practical action interpretation of the good" people first, the supremacy of life. "In the new exam on the road to produce excellent responses "in the past one hundred years, the party to the people, to history to produce a good answer. Now, the party to unite and lead the people embarked on a second century of goals to achieve new exam of the road.

"Minister of Gannan Prefecture Luqu County party committee, the county party organization department Shi Lei said that as a new age group cadres, will continue to deepen understanding and grasp of study and understand the spirit of the plenary session, to fully implement the general requirements of the new era of party building and the new Times Party organizational line, focus on forging a strong political, skills, high strength, excellent work style of cadres to promote the comprehensive upgrade of agriculture and animal husbandry, farming village comprehensive progress, the comprehensive development of farmers and herdsmen to gather up a powerful force. Qingyang City, Xifeng deputy director of the North street neighborhood community area Hongmei first time to learn the plenary communique. "I will firmly based in the community, continuing to explore new ways of party building to lead the modernization of community governance, providing precise fine accurate service for community residents, residents do each little things, good things for each, trying to solve bothering residents worry about things and gripping things, and strive to people-centered development ideas into all aspects of community work, to produce excellent responses in a new way the exam. "Chen Hongmei said.

Silver Party Organization Department cadres Lvshao Bo said, our party of revolution, construction, reform, and always adhere to strengthen the Party’s grassroots organizations from the broadest and deepest field level, improve the Party’s organizational system, stimulate a strong creativity, cohesion and combat effectiveness.

In future work, we must cherish the times, cherish job, cherish platform to better perform their duties to play, to promote a new era of the city organizations contribute to the development of high quality work.

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