Then, the dog, the machine

Then, the dog, the machine

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If there is no response for a long time, please brush this page Author: Dong Mum, a dog, a robot, this minimalism science fiction with the least role and plot, telling a story in the end of the era, the trust . If not because Tom Hank star starring, or the film name is "Jeff", not "Vinci".

After all, whether it is from the story of the plot, or the new meaning of "people", the robot "Jeff" just came to the world, is more like the protagonist of the film.

In this special "Wandering Family", the "father" role carries the past, "Son" indicates the future, its mechanical body and chip brain, contains more possibilities that go beyond the form of traditional life, Especially the potential of emotions, it is very emotion – maybe, the last "person" on the earth is really robot. In Hollywood, Hanks’s acting and box office appeal is unquestionable, even if this "Vinci" is influenced by the epidemic, it can only be changed to stream media online, but Hanks as the main body on the poster, the first eye Can still bring the audience to the "very reliable" feel. Lenovo’s work in recent years, "Salun Dogs" "Salun", "World News", and the early years of "Washal Sheng Sheng" in the human situation and the sense of fummy, in short, Hanks Responsible, there is hope. In addition, the global epidemic continued to ravine, Hanks himself also missed the new crown, and he played such a "all mankind to suffer from the disaster" ending work, more coincident warning.

Also is a lonely survival, Hanks in "Wild Island Residue" needs to drill into the fire, like Libresson’s use of the most primitive natural conditions; and "Finch", how much can be used Computers, electricity, automobiles, such tech products and tools, it seems easier to operate, but it is actually more pessimism, because the former has a "civilized world" can return, the latter only has a ridiculous wasteland It is difficult to expect in the future. In "Vinci", this huge disaster is caused by sun flare, ozone, superfield makes the surface no longer suitable for humans, and Vinci is slightly exposed to the sun, and the skin will be burned. Although there is no detailed, the most direct impact of this disaster is that crops have reduced production, vegetation and animals die, natural environmental desertification. When the most basic living conditions of human beings are no longer abundant, it is easy to cause the collapse of the entire social system, and the national, laws, and morality have also lost their functions. Everyone can’t fall into the quenching attack and self-protection.

  "The cause of disaster is not flare, but panic, causing social order to exist.

"Vinci has been the key to the problem in the film. In fact, in many final film" Doom Turning "," The Rise of the Ball "," I am Legend ", etc., whether it is science fiction, or zombies, isn’t it? Double strikes of "natural disaster + human disaster".

  In contrast, although Xicch and Jeff are thrilling, it is not "extinct", which is to fall into other people’s traps, being tracked and encountered with tornadoes, "bad people". Director Sakashik is apparently wanting to go to "extremely simple and horror", more is rendering on the atmosphere, and finally the foothold is still a "father and son" of people with the machine, which is also more common in the traditional road.

  With the ability to invent Jeff, the ability to invent Jeff, he is absolutely an expert in artificial intelligence and mechanical automation, Jeff as his first, and the last work, condensed his life.

This setting of "artificial life" is also a bit like Italian classic fairy tale "Pioca".

Coincidentally, Hanks’s next work is the Disney Real Edition "Piocchi". He is playing is the father of Piocao, the old carpenter Jaypeto. It can also be said that Vinci is Jerpento of science fi. He created a new "Pioca" with his own skills, giving it life, enlighten it three views, and finally letting it go to a broad world risk.

The most valuable thing is that Vinci knows that it is not what Creators, but a "old engineer with a little acute child", he created Jeff’s original intention, but he wanted to leave a robot babysitter to the puppy.

"I know that you are coming to this world yesterday, but you should grow up." However, in the process of this "child", he has too many expectations, I hope Jeff has both super learning. Ability, there is a consciousness of independent thinking, but also accurately lead human emotions … After all, as a carbon-based creature, it has been too much.

  Fortunately, on the technology tree of "Robot", you can have many surprise fruits, compared to "Volleyton Wilson" in "Washal Sheng Sheng", Robinson’s "Friday", Jeff’s "body" More enlightenment fun. On the most important logic setting of the robot, Vinci expanded the classic "robot three law" of Asimov, and added article 4: "Protecting the dog forever, and this is preferred to other laws.

"This is not just humor, but it is foredooted that if he is rich, Jeff will face a more severe test. After all, this has a volkage in the film – it is the negligence of Jeff into a machine dog. During the sacrifice, it and the dog arrived at San Francisco, and it can still have a variety of crises. From the performance of Jeff, this is stupid, it seems to be a big boy, in fact, it is a genius (actually It is also the genius of the inventor’s Vinci).

Without any debugging experiment, in a very short period of time, it has mastered the various commands and communication feedback. It was just a long-awaited dog, the mechanical operational demand for the canned dog can not complete the driving, rescue, etc. Various complex, synchronous work. There is a small detail in the film, there have been a screw into the mind of Jeff, it seems to be a metaphor of "brain into the water", but later when he shot the screw, it seems to "open" There is a real independent thinking ability to achieve a leap in artificial intelligence. Whether it is robot, clone, biochemical person, copy person … These "artificial life" is the most difficult thing to emotional system spontaneous and adaptive, this is why "Silver Wings Killer", Roy’s last words Touching reason. In the days of Wenqi, the puppy all the way, Jeff quickly mastered the key elements of human emotions, waiting for the last of Finch, talking about ourselves and the San Francisco Bridge, it already understands non-understanding It is understood that human "father and child relationship" is based on trust emotions, not based on computer instructions. Since then, Jeff truly inherits the wishes of Vinci, truly realize the greatness of life, this "Piocchio" no longer only has a native or metal head, but truly become a "he". (Dong Ming).