Time to talk about "serious" (Golden Terrain)

Time to talk about "serious" (Golden Terrain)

Original title: When you are in trouble, you will talk about the new situation. In the face of new situations, solve new problems, and need to carry forward our party’s most serious tradition, and conscientiously reflect the business entrepreneurship. General Secretary of the Foundation, General Secretary, Emphasized: "For our Communists, ‘Serious’ is not only attitude issues, but also the big problem in the relationship between the worldview and methodology is the big problem of the nature and purpose of the party. It is the relationship between the party and the people. The big problem of the global development of the career. "Telling conscientiously is the attitude of being worked, and it is also a premise of work, achievement. Only every Communist Party is always, everywhere, everything is serious, and can continue to promote the development of the party and the people.

  It is the excellent tradition of our party. It is the excellent character of the Chinese Communists, and the spiritual quality of the new era should vigorously promote. Comrade Mao Zedong has pointed out that "I am afraid that ‘serious’" in the world, the Communist Party will tell ‘serious’. " In the process of long-term revolution, construction, and reform, the Chinese Communists are taking a step by step by step by step.

Today, socialism with Chinese characteristics enters the new era, we step on the new journey to the second hundred years of struggle.

Grasping the new situation, facing new situations, solving new problems, and more need to carry forward our party’s most serious and fine tradition, and conscientiously reflect the way to do business in the business. Telling "serious" is an attitude that performs duties. No matter what is doing, it is impossible to succeed. If you want to do it, you need a serious, true and striving of spirit.

The Chinese Publishing Author has a Wu Haiping from the "White Character" to "The Communications of the Dynasty". During the day, a day, he has brought the business, and became a recognized "apex". He often said to young people is that "You think that" the school is mostly magical, in fact, it is not confusing, it is serious. " For party members, cadres, in their position, seek their politics, performance, and do their responsibilities, but also the word "serious". Dry work is not serious, negative is not responsible, fine and unformal, and the results are different. For any work, a project, a people’s livelihood does not have the attitude of Ma Ma, the attitude of the Maga, and the things, but to do the most strinst and pragmatic work style. If you have passed, you don’t have your heart, just ask "Go to", don’t ask for "hard", it is a bad thing, and will live up to the trust and look forward to the people. Telling "serious" is an important weapon for victory difficulties.

"There is no difficulty in the world, I am afraid that I have a heart." Seriously a attitude, it is also a ability.

Doing anything, if you are not serious, difficulties can not only solve, but may even get more and bigger; but as long as you seriously, you can find the problem, find a countermeasure, you can find a solution to the problem, defeat the way forward Various "blocking the road tiger". I would like to participate in the team developed by my country’s first nuclear submarine. I originally only 29 people, the average age is less than 30 years old.

Huang Xuhua, Huang Xuhua, Huang Xuhua, has not accumulated, and they have a needle, and they will find information in the sea, and even rely on "anatomy" toys; there is no computer, they rely on the abacus, the calculation ruler, often for a data day and night Calculation. It is this kind of serious research, not convinced, and finally letting our country have only 10 years in the case of a nuclear submarine that has been developed abroad for several decades without any foreign aid.

From this point of view, in the face of difficulties, as long as we bravely face and think about it, it will be able to fight.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Our party is most serious, the words must be, the right thing must be done." Currently, the 100-year-old paragraph and the century epidemic stamping, realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is in a critical period, more need us It is seriously hard to get the sleeve.

Let us first engrave the words "serious", always maintain a serious style of doing seriousness, serious work, and serious work on the cause of the party and the people, and create a new era.

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