The central enterprises are reorganized into the newly speeding track state-owned commission

The central enterprises are reorganized into the newly speeding track state-owned commission

[] Promoting the structural adjustment and reorganization of central enterprises, is an inevitable requirement for the ability to do high-quality companies to enhance core competitiveness.

  At the central enterprise structure adjustment and restructuring work, the State-owned Enterprise Reform Leading Group Office, the deputy director of the State-owned Enterprise Reform Leading Group, said that the Party’s 19th National Congress, the strategic restructuring of the Central Enterprise Group has entered the new Accelerated track.

In the second half of the year, we will focus on advanced manufacturing and technology innovation, in the field of output and electricity equipment, modern logistics, strategic resources, food reserves, sea equipment, etc., and professional integration.

At the same time, do a good job in the formation and reception of new central enterprises. In 2022, he completed the management of China’s South-China Northern Region Group. "Economic Report" reporter also learned from the meeting that as the focus of central enterprise structural adjustment and restructuring, the next central enterprise mergers and acquisition will pay more attention to strategic emerging industries, pay more attention to risk prevention and control and compliance management.

At the same time, "two non-mains, non-advantages)" two battalions "(inefficient assets, invalid assets) will also increase.

  After August 20th Ashng Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Angang") and Liaoning Province’s largest state-owned enterprise Bengang Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ben Steel") officially declares the reorganization, the current work is currently promoted. It is understood that the thick steel can reach 63 million tons after strong joint, and the operating income reached 300 billion yuan, ranking second in the country, the third, and became a real Northeast "steel aircraft carrier".

  "In the future, we will create high-quality development of Xinngngngang steel to ensure the achievement of 70 million tons of crude steel, over 50 million ton iron concentrate, 300 billion business income, the development goal of 100 billion profit, forming ‘southern Baowu The new pattern of steel industry in Northern Angang ‘is to promote the role of central enterprises’ faucets in the northeast China.

"The Standing Committee of the Anshan Steel Party Committee, Wang Yi Dong, deputy general manager, will be discounted.

  Angang recombinant Bengang is not an example. Weng Jieming revealed that in recent years, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Commission has focused on the strategic restructuring, specialization of the national-funded enterprises, the acquisition, mergers and acquisitions, "two non-" stripping and "two battalions" and other five key points, "pressure reduction", etc. From the China Shipping Group and the Medium-sized Heavy Industry, it has become the world’s largest shipbuilding group, to the China Chemical Group, China Chemical Consolidation Birth Thousands of "Chemical Aircraft Carrier", and then reorganize China Technical Team "National Team" … ten Since the Nine, the 6 groups of 12 centralities major restructuring projects have been successfully implemented, and they have strongly promoted the optimization of state-owned capital layout. "At the beginning of this year, the two ships reorganized the anti-monopoly review efforts of the two ships were completed, and the two ships reorganized various works entered the substantive operational stage." China Ship Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Ship Group" party member, deputy general manager Qian Jianping said at the meeting. As of now, it has advanced the implementation of the Group’s headquarters institutional reform, the shipping service industry and the integrated entity and reorganization of the company’s regionalization and integration of the regionalization, and the newly formulated major engineering management center. Important reforms such as the Future Development Research Center and the Equipment Saving Center. According to the data, China Ship Group undertakes approximately 18 million load tons in the first half of this year, accounting for about 28% of the global market share, and continues to maintain the world’s first. When Qian Jianping replied when answering questions about the "Economic Report" reporter, during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the development goal of China’s shipbuilding group is to continue to maintain the world in total income, profits, orders, etc., per capita efficiency and informationization. Above aspects significantly narrow the world-class gap. Subsequent focusing on the defocusing industry, shiphai industry, science and technology application industry, shiphai service industry four major industries, continuously promote industrial structure optimization restructuring, scientific and technological innovation system reshape, listed companies integrated integration and other deep reform work, organize a batch of major Engineering projects create a group of ships and seafood products with international levels to further improve asset securities rates. At the same time as the strategic reorganization of the central enterprise group, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Commission has taken the opportunity of industry system reforms, and steadily promotes the professional integration between central enterprises through asset restructuring, equity cooperation.

  The establishment of the National Oil and Natural Gas Pipe Network Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "National Pipe Network Group") is a typical representative. At present, the company has 10,000 kilometers, 11 gas storage, 10 LNG receiving station, total assets The scale exceeds 800 billion yuan. Li Hui, director and party secretary of the State Pipe Network Group, said that accelerating the construction of "a national network" is a latter article of deepening oil tracheal network operation mechanism reform. Next, we will accelerate the integration process of promoting the provincial management network, speed up the key project construction of the network and other pipelines and other pipelines and other pipelines, accelerate the development of platform operation mode, and accelerate the modern enterprise governance system with the characteristics of the national management network group. . This is just a start.

"Next, strive to promote central enterprise structure adjustment and restructuring work to achieve greater progress, achieve better results.

"Weng Jieming demanded that the resource integration of the fields of logistics and output equipment manufacturing will be saved. Through the strategic restructuring of the Central Enterprise Group, the key technology" card neck ", the core competitiveness is insufficient. At the same time, To form a new central enterprise group in a timely man-owned capital, providing public services, emergency capacity building, and public welfare industry, providing public service, emergency capacity building, and public welfare industries, focusing forward. As an effective way for enterprises to achieve rapid development, M & A is also a central enterprise Structural adjustment and recombination focus.

However, Weng Jieming emphasizes that central enterprises does not do a big, but do strong good.

The next step-by-step mergers must pay more attention to the strategic emerging industries, pay more attention to the risk prevention and control management and compliance management of the mergers and acquisition projects, and pay more attention to the integration and synergy between them. "M & A must resolutely avoid barbarism, resolutely avoid disorderly expansion." Weng Jieming said that the State-owned Assets Supervision Committee will urge central enterprises to effectively regulate mergers and acquisition behaviors, overcome blind mergers and acquisitions, and do a good job in the research and review of mergers and acquisitions, compliance management, emergency plan formulation, etc. All work to ensure that the mergers and acquisitions do not produce systemic risks.

At the same time, increase the supervision of the investment investment.

  State-owned capital has "incoming" and there must be "retreat".

According to reports, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Monettestance Guided Central Enterprises have comprehensively combined the list of 2041 "stunned" enterprises, approved "two non-" peeling tasks, totaling 1562, involving assets billion.

Since the first half of September last year, as of the first half of this year, 51 central enterprises have stripped 252 non-main business through absorbing mergers, bankruptcy reforming, foreign transfer, etc., involving assets totaling billions. Weng Jieming said that the next step will drive central enterprises to focus the main industry, increase the "two non-" "two capital" clearing. During the exit, pay attention to the regulatory decision procedures, strictly implement state-owned asset assessment, state-owned property entry transactions, and state-owned equity management of listed companies, ensure that state-owned rights are fully guaranteed. All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.