Use your heart to do your best to build your livelihood project

Use your heart to do your best to build your livelihood project

This newspaper on November 12th, the deputy secretary of Guiyang Municipal Committee, MA NINX, in the investigation of "two three reforms in Yunyan District," emphasizes to study the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party, adhere to the people Central development ideas, solidly promoted the construction of "two three reforms in a circle", so that the people live more convenient, more comfortable, and better.

On the same day, Ma Ningyu first came to the renovation project of Qixian Life Circle, detailed understanding of the school configuration, fire protection facilities, affordable housing construction, garbage collection point settings, etc., requiring relevant departments to adopt a variety of forms, face to face with the masses Communicate, ask for people, ask for people; to promote the air line into the ground, promote the old community elevator installation, combing the discovery of the disable, ensuring that the "one circle is three reforms" work is effective.

In the city of the city, the city of the city of life circle, Ma Ningyu went into the community, campus, supermarket, viewed the old community renovation, parking lot renovation, opening up, supermarket e-commerce, etc., requiring relevant departments to do a good job in planning Design, strengthen funding, speed up the public service short board weakness, optimize the community for the people, convenience, and security function, and do residents have demand, the community has services.

At the symposium that followed, Ma Ningyu stressed that the departments at all levels at all levels at all levels in Guiyang, Gui’an New Area will bring a sense of responsibility, conscience, and force the "one circle of two three reforms" construction, let the people The masses have more feelings, happiness, and safe sense. To refine the work standard, seize the "one picture of the table", quantify the task, fall the project to the point, answer "must answer questions", do a good job in "plus all the questions", and strive to create a high quality living space. To clarify the work goal, find out the base, confirm the target task, take out the implementation plan, refine the annual goal, and project development.

To strengthen work, concentrate on solve the problem of aerial cobweb, road facilities, underground pipe network, old room transformation.

To do a good job in project planning, try our best, improve the "three reform" work standards, implement standards, complete standards, and do more snow as soon as possible.

To be efficiently promoted, implement good leadership responsibility, headquarters responsibility, district (city, county) responsibility, and promote the implementation of various tasks. To make publicity and launch, actively guide the participation of the masses, form a strong synergy, and jointly promote the "one circle of two three reforms" work early, so that the masses benefited.

The relevant person in charge of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Command Office of the Command of the Command of the City of the City and the Municipal Triple Change of the City.

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