Side of the "Country Warm Campus" in Jianning County, Fujian Province

Side of the "Country Warm Campus" in Jianning County, Fujian Province

Southeast Network December 14 (correspondent Zeng Chengwen / Figure) On December 13th, I walked into the central elementary school in Jining County. I saw the campus clean and tidy, and the birds and flowers were incense. The teachers and students mutual love; class, childrenThey concentrate on reading in the wish gallery, the teacher leaned over and guided; the reporter also saw the campus culture of "cultivating" theme, the green trees, the "Reading" garden, let the left-behind children no longer lonely "family room"… a warm picture presented in front of you.

The Central Elementary School of Guest Movement is the most remote rural boarding school school in Jianning County, 237 students, including 148 children, accounting for the total number of students.

In recent years, the school has constructed the construction of "Country Warm Campus", implementing the bottom of the rural school, continuously improving the conditions of running school, strengthening learning, living and cultural environment, and comprehensively improving the quality of rural education, bringing warmth to the mountains. Among them, in order to solve the parents of the left-behind children’s growth, teachers and students build a warm dormitory, the warm catering hall, etc., and the "true love 6 + 1" left-behind children care model has been widely recognized by the society and parents.

At the beginning of December last year, the Ministry of Education announced the list of the first batch of "Typical Case Study of Rural Warm Campus Construction", and the name of the central primary school list of Jining Township Township. Among the 100 schools announced, only three of Fujian areas were selected.

How is a general mountain primary school? Teachers and students build, warm you, my "We mainly build a warm dormitory, warm catering hall through teachers and students, let the teachers participate in the creative atmosphere.

"School Principal Jiang De Long said that all teachers and students come together, actively explore, to achieve the overall school goals of" Happiness, Parents, Parents, and Social Accreditation ", and continuously improve the construction of campus culture and improve campus hardware facilities.

How to build a warm dormitory and warm cafeteria? Jiang Delong introduced that in order to consolidate the pragmatic role of party members, each party member of the school took the lead with non-party members of the teacher, and the students who carefully selected "home", scientific and reasonable, and then divided some students In the same dormitory, everyone will get more harmonious and increase "identity". In particular, students with interested hobbies, excellent quality, special ability, etc. are divided into a dormitory. With the characteristics of most classmates, they are encouraged to form a dormitory "personality", and thereby inhibiting the adverse characteristics of individual students. They produce positive behavior in behavioral ways.

At the same time, the cultural characteristics of the dormitory are formed by carrying out various types of cultural activities.

Party members, teachers often carry out the flexible activities and competitions in the form of study competition, internal organizers, and chess competitions in the joint residence, so that they have enjoyed the fun of dormitory culture in their nervous learning, creating "civilization, health , Active, upstairs, warm dormitory atmosphere. In addition to building a warm dormitory, the building is also warm and full of food.

"Party branch secretary, principal is like parents, and children eat in the cafeteria as eating at home.

"Jiang Delong said that the pair of child members, teachers often go deep into the canteen, care about the gallies, especially those who stay in children, poor students, guiding their diet and hygiene habits. At present, the school canteen is in order, and we can match each week. Every student can eat all-in-mouth meals, and the face has also exposed a satisfactory smile.

"The school is like a home, I can learn, happy labor, happy life, the teacher is very concerned about me, the students love me like my brothers and sisters." The school’s fifth grade student Xie Li said. True love "6 + 1" warm left-behind children "This is my home, we are a family.

"In the guest room of the guest room, the red eye-catching warm statement on the wall is impressive. The statement is under the statement, and several neat computers are available for left-behind children and their parents.

Wang Yizhen, Wang Chengwen two sisters are the frequent guests of the family room. The brothers and brothers live in Zhangxi Village, the guest house, and the parents work in Guangdong all the yearner. Only the cold summer vacation will come back to visit them. They have always followed grandparents. Wang Shizhen, fifth year of this year, with the help of Wu Zhonghua, who cares for teachers, and is very harmonious with students, and learning results are getting better and better.

"Birthday, children will celebrate Wang Yizhen when the Children’s Day will give her a family homework after class.

"Wu Zhonghua said that only the children will be careful as their own children, they will pay sincerity. On weekdays, as Wu Zhonghua, a local teacher of the guest house, after the work, there is still a fixed time to Wang Hao family visit If you can’t get it, you can understand the situation through voice or video.

It is still reading the third grade Wang Chengwen, which is relatively small, and there is more help in life. His care teacher is a young teacher Xie Jing. Xie Jingjia lived in the construction of Ningcheng, and when he didn’t go home, he was with the children. Xie Jing told us that in the process of caring Wang Chengwen, in addition to helping him, more energy is still in life, often go to the dormitory to see if he is warm, go to the canteen to see how his food is Whether the nutrition is followed. "Especially holidays, many children will find me, think about Mom and Dad, want to live in the family room and their videos.

"The school leader Liu Xiaomei said that the left-behind children in the school is still relatively large. Parents are not at home, often lack of care, and the real love" 6 + 1 "left behind the school, let the left-behind children bathe In the sunshine of love, there is better to play the director and study hard.

"6" refers to: Xiao Zhen, painting the real scene, spitting the true words, understanding the true rules, truthful, and educating the truth.

"1" is a school-based course, interest group, juvenile palace activities, etc., so that left-behind children can master a physical episode. Since the implementation of "True Love 6 + 1", the campus can see the teachers and students together, exercise together, communicate together, and practice together.

"’True Love 6 + 1′ Care Model has been explored, practical, summarized, and the growth of the school left-behind children, poor students, and also became an important measures for the construction of our school strengthening ‘rural warm campus’.

"Jiang Delong introduced that the school self-made true love" 6 + 1 "left-behind children, poor life love manual, ask each teacher to study counseling, talk about the students, talk about communication, holiday greetings, online home visits, let the teachers become them "Agent Dad" "Acting Mom", let left-behind children, poor students grow in warmth, progress in care.