Use cross-border thinking to promote opera spread

Use cross-border thinking to promote opera spread

  Use a good intersection of cross-border thinking to spread (cultural only) This year, the Cantonese opera movie "White Snake", "White Snake", "White Snake", the "White Snake" story and the non-material cultural heritage of the audience, and the opera film Innovation breakthrough, harvest the audience praise. In recent years, "cross-border" has become a popular topic in the field of traditional drama, and more and more dramas have achieved "broken circles" through integration with other art forms. The inspection of the opera is prosperous, not only don’t think more, but also to see if there is a new audience.

At this point, the drama cross-border makes people see the vitality of the drama art, but also triggered some people’s concerns, think that such works are not "opera". In fact, "cross-border" and reference, absorb other art to enrich themselves, both do not conflict. Review history can find that drama is widely learned from generation and development, and absorbed songs and dances, versatus, martial arts, but the subject has been drama.

The "crossover" in the current context refers to the two or more art door classes to break the respective boundaries, break through the barriers of art door, an art innovation of deep superimposing and fusion.

Obviously, if you evaluate cross-border work from the opera, you will feel that "play" is insufficient, and if you recognize the "cross-border" purpose, this issue will solve it. One of the tenets of drama cross-border is to integrate with other art, create new art style, thus surpass pure drama art.

For example, drama and movies are different art categories, and the inter-boundary generates opera movies. The history of the opera movie is not short, but it is basically the use of film technology to record drama stage art, and the two lack depth fuse.

Cantonese film "White Snake" Whether it is a West Lake scenario to create a mountainous water painting, or use special effects, "theft of the fairy grass" "Water Mountain" and other martial arts, there is a movie.

Cantonese stage art expressions, also made a lot of changes in the requirements of the movie, such as the water sleeve dance of the starring.

In 2020, the B-Station New Year’s Eve party, the Beijing Opera Fumai Fourth Generation of the Sutra Sutra Li Xi will put modern dance and several local drama, performing a stunning cross-border dance "shocking", harvesting nearly 2 million playback. These cross-border works are no longer pure drama art, but gives the audience fresh audio-visual feelings, let the opera get rid of the old, the burner impression of the old people, causing their interest in drama art. On the other hand, the opera appreciation requires certain professionalism, which requires drama actors, experts to jump out of the narrow industry, and use a variety of dissemination media cross-boundary to teach the drama knowledge and appreciation.

For example, "Very Play" "National Color Tianxiang" "咙 呛" "Play" "Play Terminal" variety show, set competition, tutor teaching, knowledge explanation, expert ratings, etc., with greater Method, realize the cross-boundary spread of drama art and drama knowledge.

Peking Opera Women’s Actor Wang Peiyu is a representative figure that conducts drama cross-border spread, "Do the most traditional art and fashionable interpretator" is her request for her own.

She passed the integration and singing the Beijing Opera Show "Peking Opera", "Your Territory", or participated in the TV network program, with the host, the Beijing opera knowledge teaching, the actor, etc., popular drama knowledge, share the opera Appreciate experience. Since the professional visual threshold is thrown during the communication of the drama art, the public, Wang Peiyu makes the opera become more fashion topics in young people.

  Drama cross-border, emphasize innovation and exploration spirit, but it is not contrary to traditional drama art inheritance, but constitutes two sides of the development of contemporary drama art.

We should look at cross-boundary phenomena with an inclusive and open mind and encourage a variety of creative cross-border communication.

However, it should also be noted that cross-border art works must have artistic places, have a complete unified artistic style; cross-border communication, must pay attention to orientation, deliver the correct drama knowledge. (The author is a professor of Chinese Drama Academy) Wu Xinmia.