Two Games, Equal Splendor (Jintai essay)

Two Games, Equal Splendor (Jintai essay)

  On the 16th Summer Paralympic Games, Chinese sports delegation has made 96 gold medals, honors 60 silver and 51 bronze, athletic performance and achieve a double harvest of spiritual civilization, has won a new honor for the motherland and the people .

Disabled athletes self-reliance and hard work, writing a touching story of hard work on the field, the interpretation of life the true meaning of self-improvement. As the Paralympic flag, a symbol of the mind, body and spirit tri-color ribbon to tell people it: the body does not prevent the deterioration of the spirit of the rich, the unfortunate life of more indelible powerful mind.

  For many athletes, sports make up for shortcomings in life, the journey of the Olympic achievements of dreams, the stadium became the Paralympic Games to show themselves and realize the value of the stage. Bite towel departure, close to the end only to touch the wall first swimmer Zheng Tao, won four gold medals in the Paralympic Games four record-breaking, he said he hoped to set an example for her daughter, "Life is not insurmountable difficulty". Exercise is to them, not only enrich the life of a hobby, but also to change the life of a pair of wings. They struggle to "people who have dreams," wrote a vivid footnote.

  "Wings" is not heaven-sent, Paralympic athletes are hard struggle hero.

In some people, just a supplement Paralympic Games, representing the special care and care for the disabled community. In fact, as "parallel" English root meaning of the Paralympic Games included, Paralympic Games and the Olympic Games are the world. The athletic competition is not the same, the same joy of victory, the United States and of the same movement.

On some projects, Paralympic athletes even better record with Olympic gold medalist results. Not only are they better ourselves, but also the pursuit of "faster, higher, stronger – and more united" realm. We should express more of their admiration, understanding and recognition.

  Dressed in a cloak, wind to fly, flower, like gorgeous …… Tokyo Paralympics mascot name contains "all-powerful" means. Behind Paralympic athletes, it accounted for 15% of the world’s population with disabilities.

Superb skills of one-armed boy, independent school bench boy dreams of cerebral palsy guy chef, fitness to win the one-legged girl, came back to set up factories in the pocket a couple …… they are all around us, live like ordinary people’s lives. When they prove to the world with confidence and beauty "can do", they encouraged, not only suffered physical handicap individual, it is the face of every person’s life dauntless front row.

  Sport is the right of every person to enjoy that can help people exercise, strong mind, to achieve self-integrate into society.

Recently released "National Fitness Program (2021-2025 years)", make provision for persons with disabilities to participate in sports activities in terms of venues open, sports, fitness and rehabilitation, to further protect the interests of stakeholders. Next, how to eliminate discrimination against visible and invisible, creating a "barrier-free environment" from all aspects of sports, transportation, employment, people with disabilities be "equal", but also the whole of society.

  "Because of this you eyes, I can run free." In the blind sprint race, there are a lockstep rhythm, by rope guide players run lead member. Keep pace with the run screen, which reflects the athletes and staff join hands run lead deep friendship, but also a symbol in the same direction with disabilities and the general population of the line. We look forward to: everyone on the track of life "doing life strong, writing wonderful life."