Shaoxing Xinchang Line 33 scene applications for the masses

Shaoxing Xinchang Line 33 scene applications for the masses

  "The system breaks project management, information, service barriers, can help all departments of the park in advance and provide accurate service." September 18, Shaoxing Xinchang High-tech Park (Economic Development Zone) Public Service Center Deputy Director Liang Yanqiong opened the park industrial project Process management system, 136 industrial projects in the park have a look at all.

  Everything around the project, everything around the company.

As the main battlefield of Xinchang Economic Development, Xinchang High-tech Park (Economic Development Zone) runs through the digital reforms to the whole process of engineering construction, investment, land security, etc., high-quality development in digital communication parks. Since this year, Xinchang County has advanced digital reform, actively do well, enlarges reform effects, adheres to the combination of digital reform and central work, adheres to the combination of efficiency and mass experience, adhere to the combination of technology upgrades, and system innovation, through digital reform, True problems for companies, to solve practical problems for the masses, the grassroots and all service objects. "I have encountered tax-related problems before, and often need to run the tax service department. Now there is a help of ‘face-to-face’ on the digital centerline, just move your fingers, you can quickly solve the practical problems we encountered." Online consultation, on-site treatment, data processing, data analysis of Xinchang Tax Digital Center, Zhejiang Jinwei Security Service Co., Ltd., Yu Jiale, Tax, Tax, Saunched Taxation Declaration.

  Xinchangxian County not only actively builds the results of digital reform, but also promotes scene application construction in accordance with the principles of urgent use, mature, leading first ", and currently go online 33, 15 of which are selected in the provincial pilot. Science and technology innovation "unveiling" scene application, covering the list, unveiling list, launching, launching, etc., etc. The bearing industry collection platform realizes the information flow, capital flow, and business flow "three flows", which has achieved remarkable results in reducing enterprise raw materials procurement, and has won the second prize of the province’s digital reform Digital Economic System Application Scene Brigade. At the same time, Xinchang County actively promotes digital reform to extend to people’s livelihood.

"Tianzhujia" platform uses modern technology equipment and information exchange, with digitalization of living service industry, providing high quality, diversified, convenient living services to the public, including housekeeping services, household projects, home appliance repair And convenience phones, etc.

Today, "Tianzhu’s home" has been deeply rooted in Xinchang, and the "last kilometer" that solves the urgent matter to solve the people around the people. "Next, we will create the best application according to the provincial and municipal requirements, to the provincial ‘runway’ active planning, systematic, standardization to promote digital reform, satisfaction with the masses, recognition, and can be inspected Experience was created into a digital reform result of Xinchang’s identity. "The relevant person in charge of the Xinchang County Committee Reform Office said. (Editor: Sun Peng, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.